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"Get Fit, Feel Better & Lose Weight!"

"Get Fit, Feel Better & Lose Weight!"

Drop20Now Program

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"Is D20N Right for You?"


I want you to try my new & unique D20N program so I am giving it to you at 1/2 the regular price. 

(Plus you will receive a $25 saving coupon if you wish to continue on to Drop20More afer successfully completing D20N.) 

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After getting more fit, feeling & looking better and losing weight, I am hoping you will tell others of your success doing the D20N program 


And, if you are happy about the "Betterments" to your life, that you might want to continue with the Drop20More program. 


Thank you in advance for signing-up.  

I look forward to helping you reach your goals. 

Sincerely, John Figarelli (Coach John)

You will be mailed the following materials:
  • D20N Instructional Workbook containing the:
  • D20N Exercise Routine
  • D20N Reducing Nutrition Plan
  • D20N Stretching Routine 
  • D20N Motivational Progress Chart
  • Four Inspirational Message Cards
The D20N program is easy to LEARN, however you will have to PRACTICE it daily for it to become routine.  I will tell you how to overcome common obstacles and be persistent until you ACHIEVE your goals.  

I will send you weekly email coaching advice, periodic tips and answer your questions to help you reach your weight-loss & fitness goals! 

~ Coach John

"It Absolutely Works!" ~ Jamie W.

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